orthodonticsMost kids these days are getting braces to correct jaw problems, straighten their teeth, improve self confidence or to assist with a post traumatic dental experience. We work closely with the most qualified orthodontic practices in Rogue Valley to ensure you and your child know about all the wonderful orthodontic options.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Correction of Crossbites | When teeth are not properly aligned in young children, it can cause lasting skeletal and facial defects that will stay with them into adult if not addressed in a timely manner. We will monitor your child’s growth and advise accordingly if things start to develop.

Habits/Thumb Sucking | Often children can develop oral habits such as chewing on clothing, sucking a thumb or frequently placing things in their mouths. When not addressed, these habits may contribute to misaligned teeth, altered jaw growth and self esteem problems when viewed by their peers. Severe cases can result in speech problems or delayed learning.

Limited/Interceptive Orthodontics | Orthodontics or braces are an excellent way to improve your child’s overall oral function and self esteem. Braces can be divided into two phases. Phase I is generally completed at a younger age with a very specific focus to allow your child to continue growing and developing. Phase II is frequently started later in life when all permanent teeth have erupted.

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