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Stress-Free Dental Visits

If your child is nervous or anxious about an upcoming dental visit at Timber Kids Dentistry, we offer sedation options to help them relax and keep calm. Sedation can calm nerves, minimize a strong gag reflex, and make it easier to sit still for long periods of time. Contact our team today to learn more about our sedation options and whether they are right for your little one.

Our Sedation Options

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Laughing Gas

 Laughing gas involves breathing in a mild sedative through a comfortable nose mask. When the medication takes effect, your little one will feel “floaty”, comfortable, and relaxed. Laughing gas is also an analgesic, which means it minimizes pain.

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Oral Conscious

Oral conscious sedation is taken in liquid form before your child’s procedure. This sedative will make them feel groggy and tired, and they may even fall asleep during their procedure.

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General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is only used for serious oral surgery. This ensures that your little one will not feel any pain and that no negative memories will be associated with their dental visit. If you feel this is the right option for your child, call today to discuss treatment.

Our Approach to Sedation Dentistry

We believe in treating dental anxiety with child-friendly dental care, and for some patients this involves sedation. We use behavioral management techniques and kid-friendly explanations of dental procedures to make treatment seem more approachable for children and minimize the need for sedation.

We also believe in safety, first and foremost. If we do recommend sedating your child, we’ll discuss their full medical history, allergies to medications and other details to ensure that they can be sedated safely.

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When to Consider Sedation

Sedation is a good option for kids who have dental anxiety, and are nervous or scared of going to the dentist. We offer sedation for every appointment, including routine cleanings, to ensure that your child can get the comfortable care they need.

Sedation can also be useful for keeping your child still for a longer procedure, like a filling. If your child is very active or fidgety, we may recommend sedation to ensure the best possible outcome for their procedure. In addition, sedation can help with fear of needles (like numbing needles), and also inhibits the gag reflex.

Stay Calm, Cool & Collected.

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