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You’ll Love Our Technology

Of course, we have the latest dental treatment technology for your children, but what other technology do we utilize at Timber Kids Dentistry?

Enjoyable Amenities for YOU | Come enjoy some relaxing time to yourself! Sit back, grab a diet coke or water and post your kiddos smile’s on Instagram using our FREE WIFI.

TVs Above Every Chair | We want your child to watch whatever makes them feel at home. They will have their own, easily-seen TV above their chair to make their visit fun!

State of the Art Communication | We will ensure that you know what’s going on by texting, emailing, and calling. Pick the communication method that is best for you and we will make it happen. We also provide at home convenience for scheduling and billing.

Digital X-Rays | Digital x-rays will make your visit more timely. While traditional x-rays require additional time for the dentist to develop the film, digital x-rays provide high quality images instantly. Your time will be shorter in the office. Digital x-rays also emit less radiation than traditional x-rays and are more environmentally friendly.

Dental Isolation | For better results, we isolate the teeth that we are working on during our procedures. At our office, we choose to use Isolite for easy dental isolation. This makes our procedures easier and faster, and provides more consistent results.

Computerized Office | Our office is paperless, which makes sharing information simple. Our computerized office saves money and space, and helps the environment. We can readily and rapidly provide you with the information you need.

Paperless Charting | Again, we keep electronic records rather than paper records at Timber Kids Dentistry. If you need to clearly see charts, photos, and results, that information is easily accessible.

We are determined to make your child’s dental experience more exciting and more efficient than ever. If these benefits sound great to you, give us a call at Timber Kids Dentistry today.

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