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At Timber Kids Dentistry, we love getting to know each child and the story behind their smile. We are proud to work with families to make your child’s dental experience a rewarding adventure. Our team makes dentistry fun and informative for kids of all ages because we want our office to be free of intimidation and fear. We’re proud to be a resource for all your child’s oral health needs so you and your family can get back out and adventure.

What Makes Our Dentists Different

Our team of expert, fun-loving dentists understands the importance of enthusiastic dental care. We focus on skillful dental work while developing real friendships with our patients throughout the years. Nothing makes us happier than to help maintain your child’s oral health and catch up on all of your adventures during every visit!

What Makes Our Team Different

Our team works hard to create an exceptional dental experience for kiddos. We’re energetic, upbeat, and we know how to communicate with kids of all ages in a way that they will understand and appreciate. We’re adventurers at heart, and we feel honored to be with you and your family on this journey to optimal dental health!

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