Your Child’s First Visit

first_visitChildren of all ages need to see the dentist for maximum overall health. When your child visits Timber Kids Dentistry for the first time, we will walk them through each step of their visit. You may accompany your child this first time if you believe that will make them feel more comfortable. If your child gains confidence through interacting with others on their own, you can take a break while we take great care of your child! We know that your child’s first visit to the dentist sets the tone for future visits, so we will make it easy on both you and your child by doing the following:

Building Relationships | We will take the time to build a rapport with your child by using age appropriate communication. We strive to make children feel calm and relaxed. While we care for their teeth, we will make sure that they know what is going on by “telling, showing, and doing.” Using our entertainment methods and exciting atmosphere, we will make sure your child is enjoying his or her time with us.
Learning Preferences | We know that your child is unique. The things that makes him or her comfortable may be different from other children. During this first visit, we will learn about your child’s unique needs so that we can give them a great experience every time they come in to see us.
Protecting Health | We will perform an exam (“count teeth”), take radiographs (“pictures), clean the teeth, and apply fluoride if necessary (“painting teeth”). Afterwards, we will take time with you to discuss your child’s health and treatment needs. We will provide you with custom, at-home, care recommendations for your child and answer any questions you may have.

A Playful “Outdoor” Adventure

We create an adventurous environment that will make your child want to come back to Timber Kids Dentistry. Nature and the outdoors allow kids to be kids. We have created an outdoor themed office that provides a playful adventure for your child every time. Of course, we also provide plenty of entertainment to help your child feel at home.

At Timber Kids Dentistry we work hard to make your child feel positive, loved, and safe while they receive top quality oral health care. We dedicate our time to making your children feel excited about developing good oral care habits and about returning to our office. We make appointments easy at Timber Kids Dentistry. Give us a call today to set up your first visit–we can’t wait to meet you!

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